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Fair Extreme

Fair Extreme Herbal Facial Mini Kit

Fair Extreme Herbal Facial Mini Kit

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STEP 1: HERBAL BLEACH SET & HERBAL SKIN POLISH Mix one spoon of Herbal Bleach Cream, one spoon of Herbal Skin Polish and half spoon of Herbal Bleach Powder together and apply that mixture on the face. Leave the mixture for 15 minutes after applying, Massage it for minutes. Gently massage and wash the face with cold water after 3 minutes. STEP 2: TRIPPLE ACTION CLEANSER Apply Tripple Action Cleanser on the face and massage the face for 3 minutes. Wait until Tripple Action Cleans completely absorbs. Then spray a little water on face and massage it again for 3 minutes. Now give steam on face are then remove the Herbal Cleanser with water. STEP 3: HERBAL SCRUB Now Massage using finger tip for 3 minutes with Herbal Scrub, Make sure finger tips are wet while giving massage rinse face with water after massage. STEP 4: HERBAL MASSAGE Gently massage the face using Herbal Massage and keep it remain on the face. STEP 5: HERBAL MASK Now put Herbal Mask on the skin and when it completely absorbed wash the face with water. STEP 6:HERBAL SKIN TONER In the end spray Herbal Skin Toner on the face. That's how the facial completes. AVOID EYE CONTACT FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY MADE IN PAKISTAN