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Fair Extreme

Fair Extreme Fruit Facial Whitening Massage 500g

Fair Extreme Fruit Facial Whitening Massage 500g

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FRUIT FACIAL WHITENING MASSAGE is an easy way to reduce tension and wrinkles and prevent them. It softens and exfoliate the skin, stimulates circulation, and reduces stress. It requires only a few minutes of time, and it can be done anywhere. It is an excellent means of improving both the beauty and health of the skin.


DIRECTION TO USE Use your two middle fingers to distribute the cream and begin the facial massage process. Work upward from the chin and from the center of the nose outward to the sides, then work upward across the forehead. Massage with slow, light, fluid motions and try to maintain contact with the skin with at least one hand at a time to improve relaxation. Apply this process for about 3 to 4 minutes. Extract Cream With Spoon Only, Avoid contact with eyes, For External Use Only.