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Fair Extreme

Fair Extreme Fruit Facial Rub Glow Peel Off Cleansing Gel 78ml

Fair Extreme Fruit Facial Rub Glow Peel Off Cleansing Gel 78ml

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is a gentle cleanser which removes sun rays and pollution caused dirt coating fiom your skin visibly when you rub it off. its strong berry extiacts not only clears on your OSO removes bacteria and Nockheads, protect against pimples and gives yor din a healthy glow.
Direction to Use
Saueeze a little amount of Fruit Facial Peel Of Ceasing Gel on your fingertips, apply on the skin ancista rubbing if gently. You will find visible removing of at coating from your skin and the skin will look clear: When you find all the dirt removed, wash it off with clear wate
Rufiled Water (Aqua), C13 14 Isoparaffin, Cartoma, Corn Starch, Ethylcellulose, Hydroxypiopy, Methy/cellulose, Iron Oxides, Laurelh 7, Mica, PEGb)cer Cocoale, Phenoxyethanc!, Polyacry/amoehopy/paraben, Safflower Seed Oil, Sodium Coco! letionate, Sodium DNA, Sodium Hyaluronate, Sod. Nognesi.m Silicate, Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA INJtod), Sodium Methy/paraben, Sucrose Cocoate, Din Artacts (Fruit Extract), TocopherylAcelo' Methanolarine, Zinc Oxide, Fragrance